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My patients and their health and well-being is my passion. I love what I do

My patients and their health and well-being is my passion. I love what I do

I am dedicated to providing the best health solutions based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine - from acupuncture (incorporating cupping and moxibustion) to nutrition advice according to the Chinese Medicine Food Energetics. Very passionate about the science of acupuncture and helping you achieve your best health through this fantastic medicine model quickly and efficiently.  

I look after many people in my Harley Street clinic that need help with specific symptoms or conditions, and some who simply feel generally unwell. Others choose acupuncture to enhance their feeling of well-being. Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages, including babies and children. It can also be used alongside conventional medicine as I do often, providing supporting treatment during the IVF and as a part of the team looking after expectant mums

I work closely with my patients to identify the cause of symptoms being experienced and determine the best treatment. My expertise is in reproductive medicine and I know how to make pre conception times less of a threat and more of an opportunity for you to realize your dream of a family. Fertility road is often bumpy, I know, as I travelled this one myself in the past, but I know how to make it smoother for you.

I equally enjoy working with my mums-to-be to ensure their transition from bump to baby is smooth and as stress-less as possible. Being a mum myself, I understand your doubts, fears and joys of motherhood, and am so happy to be able to support you through this most important time of your life with professional expertise, common sense advice and genuine interest and care for you. 

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Your first appointment

During your initial consultation, many questions will be asked about your lifestyle, diet, exercise, previous medical history and significant medical procedures you have had, if any. You will be asked about your sleep patterns, digestion, bowel movements, any pain and its location and, if you are a woman, details about your menstrual cycle.

The acupuncture points used are not always close to the part of the body where you experience the problem. For example, although you might suffer from headaches, needles may be inserted in your foot or hand.

My Harley Street clinic is a tranquil setting in the heart of medical excellence district of Central London, an essential part of your treatment and important tool in aiding relaxation that lasts long after you left the clinic.

First appointment details

Whether you see me in my Harley Street clinic or even if we arrange a home visit for you, the priority of the first session is to diagnose what's causing they symptoms or difficulties you're experiencing. This diagnosis comes from asking questions about your general health and lifestyle, and utilising the following techniques:

Pulse taking– pulses will be felt on both of your wrists to determine energetic state of your internal organs. 

Tongue diagnosis– your tongue will be looked at as well, to confirm or sometimes dispute the picture that is starting to form about your pattern of disharmony, so the treatment plan can be assessed correctly. 

I also like to inspect the state of the channels on the body, so gentle palpation is always included in my diagnostics. This includes lower legs up to the knee, abdomen and forearms.

Your treatment would then be ready to commence.

Acupuncture needles are really fine, like strands of hair, and although you will and should feel sensation upon needle insertion, this is not at all painful. My patients describe it as “heat sensation,” a “tingling,” a “heaviness,”or “dull ache.”

Always, always ask me questions about anything and everything you want to know. You need to be totally at ease about all aspects of your treatment and health.

And, of course, enjoy acupuncture, this is a gem of a medicine model that will gently direct your body to do what it knows best heal itself.

  • Gordana Petrovic

Gordana Petrovic MA BSc Hons TCM RSM MAcS

TCM Acupuncture and Nutrition Specialist

I have to start by saying that I absolutely love what I do. I spent over 30 years in the spotlight as a professional pianist, but was always interested in Oriental philosophy and medicine. I first came to acupuncture as a patient and one day realised it was actually what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.

Over the years I have worked with many, many patients during their fertility and pregnancy journeys - and often treating patients with non-related issues too. I have lectured, trained, been part of a team, and worked solo. I love to diagnose, build individual plans and support someone back to health.

Trained in existential psychotherapy, and Reiki, I'm also able to lean on important skills to help my patients overcome fears, stresses and anxieties in facing fertility issues.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about how I can help you.

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