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I am passionate about helping you regain your health through the science of acupuncture. There are many roads to travel to good health and well-being, and I am delighted to help you on the way to yours with this gem of a medicine.

I am passionate about helping you regain your health through the science of acupuncture. There are many roads to travel to good health and well-being, and I am delighted to help you on the way to yours with this gem of a medicine.

Marvellous Mums' Magical Moments Part 1

Gordana Petrovic on Sun 2 Apr

Many congratulations on your pregnancy-this is a start of the journey that takes you from a couple to family, and there will be many changes happening in the next few months, physiologically, psychologically and emotionally.


Pregnancy is not just a word

Gordana Petrovic on Tue 21 Feb

If it is taking you longer to conceive than you wish and planned for, and you have been having unprotected intercourse regularly for about a year, it is worth considering what you can do and how to improve your chances of positive pregnancy. It really isn't enough to "just relax, and it will happen" - there is so much more that you can do by changing few lifestyle habits and reviewing your diet and exercise routine.

The Making of the Acupuncturist

Gordana Petrovic on Wed 8 Feb

Practice of acupuncture requires, like any other career, knowledge, experience, dedication and perseverance. But, there is something else that makes some of us choose this over any other career. Even after having an extensive and successful previous one. Even that it shakes you in more ways than one. Here it is-the "whys" and "hows" for me.

Happiness is a matter of science

Gordana Petrovic on Tue 17 Jan

Being happy is considered a very important point when starting your fertility journey, giving you the best jump-start to conception planning. If we are in a positive and happy state of mind, we are more likely to be motivated to improve all we can in our healthy lifestyle, choosing to eat balanced diet and achieving exercise and relaxation balance. This in turn will work the other way-improving the chances of healthy pregnancy! 

Food to Fertility

Gordana Petrovic on Sat 14 Jan

So, you've decided to start a family. Now is the time to take stock of your lifestyle habits, and look into what can be improved to maximise your chances of a healthy pregnancy. 


Planning your family starts here

Gordana Petrovic on Wed 11 Jan

I am often asked in my clinics what is the best way to plan most successfully for a pregnancy? What are the signs of ovulation, are there any, and what is happening to the body during this time, and how can acupuncture help? We always start with basics-how to recognize it is happening and how to get attuned with own clever and friendly body...

Winter Life

Gordana Petrovic on Wed 14 Dec

I am often asked by my patients what exactly I mean by a "common sense lifestyle", my big passion and ally in clinical practice. The Tao of Common Sense is for them.

Eggcellent way to start a family

Gordana Petrovic on Thu 13 Oct

Did you know that one of the most important things to know if you want to get pregnant is to know if and when you are ovulating? And did you know that acupuncture boosts your ovulation, normalizes your menstrual cycles and improves your hormonal balance?

Bringing your body and mind into a fertile equilibrium brings you much closer to fulfilment of your dreams of family.

M Factor in Fertility - Mind the Men

Gordana Petrovic on Fri 16 Sep

When planning a family, it was, until recently, common belief that the investigations and check ups are a responsibility of a female partner. However, due to raised awareness of a male factor, especially when the course of IVF fails, we now start to realise the importance of male contribution to healthy pregnancy. 

Benefits of acupuncture for IVF

Gordana Petrovic on Wed 20 Jul

Acupuncture supports women throughout the IVF cycle and research confirms its efficacy in contributing to positive pregnancy and live birth. I've created the following list of the top ten major benefits to help those wondering whether to embark on a course of acupuncture treatments.

Your Fertile Window

Phil Druce on Tue 22 Mar

Around the mid cycle for most women, ovulation takes place. It is an important time to be aware of, as timing of the intercourse around this time maximizes your chances of pregnancy and in my clinical practice I work to raise patients awareness how to follow the signs, as well as to jump start ovulation with acupuncture treatments. Most women have some signs of ovulation, some none, but is ovulation suppose to hurt?

First Acupuncture Treatment - What to Expect

Gordana Petrovic on Tue 1 Dec

Acupuncture is receiving more publicity recently as a complementary medicine model for many health concerns, from pain management to fertility support. General public is better informed than ever what acupuncture may be used for, but what happens when you come in for your very first acupuncture session and what can you expect during your initial consultation?

To induce or not to induce?

Gordana Petrovic on Fri 13 Nov

Acupuncture is considered a therapy of choice to bring the onset in labour and facilitate natural delivery but what are the pros and cons if things are left to last minute and what can still be achieved with acupuncture.

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